Situated at the heart of Renway’s award-winning Edgcumbe Park Development, 5 Heathermount Drive occupies one of the most commanding plots. One of only ten remaining Type 60/60A bungalows, this modern ‘Ranch-style’ design with its asymmetric roof, picture windows and open-plan living takes clear cues from mid-century Californian homebuilders such as the renowned Joseph Eichler.

A mid-century modern ranch-style home: low-slung, light-filled — Californian cool comes to Crowthorne, Berkshire!

Renway Type 60a Bungalow - front

Renway’s Type 60A bungalow at 5 Heathermount Drive, Edgcumbe Park, with clear influences from Eichler’s Californian design — not least in form but also in its relationship to light, interior and exterior space. Summer 2011.

An Eichler bungalow in Sunnyvale, California

A typical 1950s Eichler-designed bungalow from Sunnyvale, California. Typified by its beam and post construction, large glazed areas and asymmetric, overhanging roof creating soaring vaults inside. Photo: in ‘Eicher/Modernism Rebuilds the American Dream’; Paul Adamson, 2002.

Original Architects’ Drawings from 1961–1968

Renway Type 60a Bungalow architect drawing

Renway Type 60a Bungalow architect drawing 1968


Of the 27 house designs on acclaimed Edgcumbe Park, the Type 60 bungalows (and their mirror image, the Type 60A) are generally to be found at the hairpins of the development’s meandering roadways where their footprints and low profiles are so well suited to these expansive corner plots.

Location of Type 60/60A Bungalows on Edgcumbe Park

Location of Type 60/60A Bungalows on Edgcumbe Park, Crowthorne, Berkshire. Yellow dots show the 10 existing bungalows, blue dots show demolished or now two-storey sites.

Our Renway Type 60A Bungalow, 2011

We purchased the property in an unloved and much neglected state in 2006 and brought it back to life over a period of four years, remodelling it inside and out, preserving the key architectural features, retaining a clear nod to its midcentury origins whilst placing it firmly in the present. The bungalow has featured on property, style and design blogs worldwide, and reading the comments posted, it’s met with widespread acclaim and appreciation.


Renway Type 60a Bungalow - front

Bungalow lounge

Bungalow lounge 2

Bungalow lounge 1

Bungalow kitchen

Bungalow den

Bungalow studio

Renway Type 60a Bungalow - Garden

Renway Type 60a Bungalow - Loggia at dusk

Bungalow at dusk

Plot plan


Read about how we remodelled the bungalow here.

See how we sold the bungalow here.

Yes, it’s true, we have indeed sold our bungalow — simply out of a requirement for more space for our creative pursuits and design business. Sign up to our Journal for updates on our new property, Cambria: a 1970s architect-designed one-off gem by the sea in Whitstable, Kent, UK. There’s lots of work to be done on it and we’ll be sure to blog our progress!