From the Edgcumbe Park archives, the original Renway Sales Advertisements as placed in the Times, the Observer, Daily & Sunday Telegraph, airline gazettes and others as shown. Wonderful language and descriptions helped add extra panache to entice buyers: ‘unashamed class’ and ‘houses for the go-ahead… and arrived’ and to add to Renway’s ‘campaign against conformity.’

It’s no wonder the development captured the imaginations of the jet set young professionals and families of the time, flight crews in particular due to the relative proximity to Heathrow (London Airport, as was) – but also the American and Scandinavian inspired architecture which clearly appealed to those well travelled.


Renway Advert 1

Renway Advert from ‘The Homefinder’



Renway — Ban the British Box

Renway advert from ‘The Homefinder’ (c.1968)




Renway Advert from ‘The Homefinder’ (March 1962)



Renway advert from House Beautiful

Renway advert from ‘House Beautiful’ (October 1966)