Side Garden before and after

This was impenetrable! Overgrown, with a delapidated greenhouse along with the back of a juggernaut in which the vendor kept her professional racing car — all hidden behind a wall of Leylandi.
Given the odd shape of the plot, we left the garden landscaping to the end, taking much time to plan, sketch, and resketch ideas to make the most of the property’s grounds.
We designed this side garden to be an irregular shape of different zones of decking, planting and lawn. We designed the fencing arrangement too with partially overlapping panels to allow the light & breeze through whilst retaining privacy, with the line of the fencing running at an angle so as to give uninterrupted views of the frontage from indoors.
The pergola carries a top rail at soffit level, matching that of the carport, together extending the sleek lines of the property to the far reaches of the plot.