Welcome to our new Journal!

We’re really excited to have a new place to collect our thoughts and things that inspire us. In particular, we’ve been itching to have somewhere to put all our property thoughts and architecture/design/style inspirations, much of which wouldn’t sit properly on our business blog — and really required a different treatment for their presentation. This is now more of a blog’s blog and we’re looking forward to updating it as often as we can.

Property will be a leading theme throughout our posts: it inspires us no end, particularly examples of great domestic architecture from the mid 20th century — alongside more modern-day works clearly inspired by this period. After having owned and loved a midcentury bungalow and brought it back to life from the delapidated state when we purchased, we’re hooked on the era (and on bungalows too, single-storey living being something of a theme for us, and of course, inspiring the name for our design agency too!). Bungalow also alludes to one of our specialisms: property marketing, and as some of you may recall, we put our skills in this area to the ultimate test: selling our own property involving our own particular take on its marketing.

Whilst we were sad to leave our lovely midcentury californian-style home, we’d had our eyes fixed and hearts set on its successor for a good while: over the course of our second UK-wide property search, this particular property shone out like a beacon. We were overjoyed when our sale and purchase went through and we became the incredibly lucky owners of Cambria — a wonderfully quirky one-off property by the sea near Whitstable, Kent. Half of it is single storey… and the rest soars to three storeys with a central courtyard within. Cambria is remarkable, beautiful, magical. It also needs an awful lot of work (more than we’d anticipated), a strong leading vision, as well as our hunkering down to a long-term mindset in order to achieve the result we have in mind.

To this end, our Journal will help keep us on track. We’ll post updates on Cambria’s renovation, as well as about other properties, architecture, style and designs that catch our eyes along the way. And, being in Whitstable — a lovely seaside town with one of the best independent high streets we’ve ever seen, and where smiles and conversations don’t ever seem to run short — we’ll be sure to post some pearls of local interest too!

Thank you for visiting us… do sign up to receive our updates and follow us on Pinterest or Twitter too for all the latest!

Scott and David

Scott & David
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