Midcentury Property: What's Our Type?

Midcentury Property: What’s Our Type?

Can you help us identify the typeface used in the signage for our house, “CAMBRIA”? As font fiends and typography fans, we’re sorry to say that we’re stumped with this one. Curiously, it very strongly resembles the typeface used for the signage on Grade-II listed Farnley Hey, and we’re very interested to see if there’s...
Finding Cambria

Finding Cambria

As much as we loved our Californian-style ‘midmod’ bungalow, we both knew it was time to move on. Cravings for more space, a change of scene… and the thought of a new quirky property challenge were keeping us increasingly wired in to Rightmove and Primelocation, scouring the country from top to bottom and checking out...